The best 1-Day Trip to Chemka (Kikuletwa) Hot Spring

The best 1-Day Trip to Chemka (Kikuletwa) Hot spring itinerary

The amazing 1-day trip to “Chemka (Kikuletwa) hot springs: a perfect day trip itinerary” gets you in touch with Chemka Hotsprings, known as “Maji Moto” in Swahili, which means “warm water.”

Chemka Hotspring is the paradisic oasis in the hinterland. Chemka Hotsprings Its underground water comes directly from the Kilimanjaro mountain, and the Tanzanian savannah offers captivating, Bounty-styled views, crystal-clean water, and dense vegetation around.

Located a 2-hour drive from Moshi, Chemka Hot Springs is the best place to visit after a Kilimanjaro hike or a safari adventure.

Chemka Oasis is a unique phenomenon; it is the only place in Tanzania (and most likely in the whole of East Africa), where the groundwater actively

interacted with geothermal sources, forming a number of small lakes with warm, never-stagnating water, whose purity is not inferior to the best Dominican or Maldivian resorts.

1-Day Trip to Chemka (Kikuletwa) Hot Spring Inclusive

• Transport
• suburb fees
• Driver guide
• Lunch box
• 1,5l bottle of water

1-Day Trip to Chemka (Kikuletwa) Hot Spring Exclusive

• Personal items
• Gratuities / “tip” for driver guide