The best 5 days Balloon Safari Serengeti in 2024.

5-day Serengeti Balloon Safari

The 5 days Serengeti Balloon Safari

This 5 Days Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that offers a unique and unforgettable

way to explore Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

During this safari, you will spend four nights in the Serengeti, with one of the mornings spent soaring over the park in a hot air balloon.

Serengeti is always accompanied by escaping to some other fascinating national park in Tanzania, like Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangire, and you can find the millions of mammal from Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National Park is one of Africa’s premier wildlife destinations, known for its vast savannah plains, abundant wildlife, and diverse ecosystems. It is home to the „Big Five„ animals (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros), as well as a variety of other wildlife, such as giraffes, zebras, wildebeests.

5 days Serengeti Balloon Safari offers an incredible adventure in one of Africa’s most renowned wildlife destinations.

The best 5 days Serengeti Balloon Safari in Tanzania.

This 5 days Serengeti Balloon Safari is one of the most beautiful classic Tanzania safaris ever to happen in Serengeti National Park It contains high-end accommodation, which includes comfort, service, game drive and overnight stays in top-tier lodges, tented camps that allowing guests to experience the wonders of the Serengeti while enjoying luxurious accommodations and personalised attention.

These luxury accommodations in Tanzania Safari are designed to offer privacy, spaciousness, and upscale amenities such as end-suite bathrooms, plush furnishings, and private terraces or balconies.

5-day Serengeti Balloon Safari
5 day Serengeti Balloon Safari

The best affordable price with special offer for 5 days Serengeti Balloon Safari in Tanzania.

The best 5 days Tanzania safari price the best 5 days Serengeti Balloon Safari price range from $2000 t0 3000 per person per trip and vary depend on the quality of the cheap, budget semi luxury, and luxury service.

The 5 days greatest Serengeti migration safari cost and fees are paid in British pounds, euros, Us dollars, and Tanzania shillings.

Package Inclusion & Exclusions


  • Transport (4×4 Land Cruiser) with open roof
  • Park fees
  • Campsites / Lodge
  • Professional English speaking safari guide and chef
  • Breakfast; Lunches; dinner
  • 1,5 bottles of water per day
  • Balloon fees


  • Flights (International & Domestics)
  • Travel insurance & Medical insurance
  • Visas
  • Personal items
  • Tips for safari guide & chef
  • Additional Park fees

The best full detailed itinerary for a 5-day Serengeti Balloon safari in Tanzania.

The best full detailed itinerary for a 5-day Serengeti Balloon safari in Tanzania:

Day 1: Arusha to Tarangire National Park 1 hrs 56 min (109.4 km);

2 : Mto wa Mbu to Central Serengeti 5 hrs 12hrs (269.6 km);

3: Full day Central Serengeti;

4: Serengeti national Park to Ngorongoro Conservation area 4 hrs 25 min (227.7 km)

Day 5 Ngorongoro Creator to Arusha 2 hrs 45 minutes (154.6 km).

Day 1: Arusha to Tarangire National Park.

Depart early for Tarangire National Park, known for its impressive elephant herds and diverse wildlife. Enjoy a full day of game drives with a picnic lunch, taking in the park’s stunning landscapes and abundant animal sightings. Stay overnight at a lodge or camp near Tarangire.

Day 2: Mto wa Mbu to Central Serengeti.

After breakfast, embark on a journey from Mto wa Mbu to the heart of the Serengeti, which will take 5 hours and 12 minutes (269.6 km). As you enter the Serengeti National Park, be prepared to be greeted by the sweeping plains and an abundance of wildlife.

Enjoy thrilling game drives as you witness the awe-inspiring wildebeest migration (timing may vary depending on the season).

Marvel at the vast herds of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles as they navigate the Serengeti in search of fresh grazing lands. Capture unforgettable moments and soak in the unique atmosphere of this remarkable ecosystem. In the evening, settle into your accommodations and relish a delicious dinner under the starlit sky.

Day 3: A Full Day in the Central Serengeti

Prepare for an unforgettable hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti at sunrise, providing a unique perspective of the park’s wildlife and landscapes. After the balloon safari, savor a champagne breakfast in the bush.

Spend the morning exploring the Serengeti.

Day 4: Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Conservation Area

After breakfast, bid farewell to the central Serengeti and start your day on a scenic drive to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, covering approximately 4 hours and 25 minutes (227.7 km).

As you enter the conservation area, marvel at the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Descend into the crater’s floor, a haven for wildlife, where you can spot a diverse range of animals, including elephants, buffalo, hippos, and the rare black rhinoceros.

Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by the captivating scenery before ascending back to the rim of the crater. Continue your journey to your accommodation for a restful evening.

Day 5: Ngorongoro Crater to Arusha.

From the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, begin your journey back to Arusha, a drive that takes almost 2 hours and 45 minutes (154.6 km). As you make your way, reflect upon the incredible experiences and memories forged during your Serengeti migration safari.

The landscapes will gradually transition from the vast plains to lush greenery as you approach Arusha.

Once you arrive, you can choose to extend your adventure by exploring the vibrant city, indulging in local cuisine, or visiting nearby attractions

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