The best 2-day Kilimanjaro Hiking: The beautiful Kilimanjaro’s Marangu route

5 Days Marangu Route Kilimanjaro Climbing

Planning to spend 2 days in Mount Kilimanjaro? This Kilimanjaro 2-day itinerary overs all the things to do, where to stay, eat and more (by a Kilimanjaro

local specialist!): Start to plan on how to see the best of Kilimanjaro in 2 days: step-by-step itinerary will direct you to see the best on thin full guided tour to

Kilimanjaro in 2 days.

Our detailed guide to spending 2 days in Kilimanjaro. What to see and do, how to get around a how to save money and more! Your walk in Kilimanjaro National Park.

The first thing you will do in the morning is have a best spot of breakfast in the most charming area of Kilimanjaro, the northern Tanzania in East Africa.

During your 2 days Kilimanjaro hiking, the first camp Kilimanjaro gives you the perfect setting to unwind, surrounded by lush nature and equatorial forest.

In this particular hiking you will be staying in a nice hut with a great services, food, and great value for money accommodation.

Enjoy 2 days Kilimanjaro hiking from Moshi or Arusha – explore an extraordinary and most beautiful Kilimanjaro hiking with a very reasonable price.

This 2 days Kilimanjaro climbing via Marangu route

 is the best short memorable Kilimanjaro climbing tour to the Marangu route’s Horombo hut (3,700

meters) with one overnight at Mandara hut without reaching Kilimanjaro summit at 5,895 meters.

This 2-day Kilimanjaro hiking trip offers a unique chance to explore the beautiful scenery of the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa’s

tallest mountain and the world’s highest free-standing mountain.

On this 2 days Kilimanjaro climbing via Marangu route, you will climb up through the attractive tropical rain forest sighting different bird species, Colobus

Monkey, and Blue Monkey.

The 2-day tour is an abbreviated option for those with limited time or seeking a shorter Kilimanjaro expedition in 2024, 2025, and 2026 to explore this

African natural wonder standing at 19,341′ above sea level.

5 Days Marangu Route Kilimanjaro Climbing

The best 2 days Kilimanjaro climbing Marangu route price

The best and most affordable 2 days Kilimanjaro Marangu route price is from 0 to 0 per climber depending on the luxury climb, budget climb, and

services during the trip.

This 2 days Kilimanjaro Marangu route price includes the park entry fees, lunch box, and transport to and from Marangu gate, you

can pay the costs in US dollars, British pounds, euros, and Tanzania shillings.

Book the best 2 days Kilimanjaro climbing Marangu route trip

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The best 2 days Kilimanjaro Marangu route full itinerary

The best and suitable itinerary for 2 days Kilimanjaro climbing Marangu route:

Day 1: Moshi or Arusha to Marangu gate to Mandara hut;

Day 2: Mandara hut to Horombo hut to Marangu gate.

Day 1: Marangu gate to Mandara hut

 • Rising(ft): (1,800m/5,905ft) to (2,743m/9,000ft)

 • Hiking time: 8-10 hours

Elevation Gain: 915 meters / 3,000 feet

The hiker(s) will leave Moshi early in the morning for Marangu Gate. The drive will take approximately 1 hour.

After completing gate registration, you will begin your Kilimanjaro hiking trip.

Walking along a narrow trail through the rainforest of Kilimanjaro up to Mandara Hut where you will spend the overnight at.

Day 2: Mandara hut to Horombo hut to Marangu gate

 • Rising(ft): 2,700 meters to 3,700 meters to 1700 meters

 • Hiking time: 4 hours ascending, 2 hours descending

Elevation Gain: 9,000 feet to 12,100 feet

Following an uphill trail, we will leave the glades of the rainforest of Mandara hut and head toward the open moorlands to the Horombo hut.

Kibo and Mawenzi’s breathtaking views are seen from Horombo hut. We will descend back to Mandara hut for lunch and then continue back to Marangu


You will be picked up by our driver back to Moshi or Arusha.